Relief Suppositories – 65mg THC / 12mg CBD – 8 PK


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Relief Suppositories – 65mg THC / 12mg CBD – 8 PK

Product Strength: 65mg THC + 12mg CBD

Pieces Per Package: 8 units (1g each)

Ingredients: Organic Deodorized Cocoa Butter, Full Spectrum THC & Full Spectrum CBD Oil.

Our THC suppositories provide a unique method of targeted relief to your most sensitive areas. Equally intended for men and women, rectal or vaginal use. Each unit is individually sealed in a beginner, friendly sized capsule. For therapeutic or recreational use, without the intense psychoactive effects of other cannabis consumption methods.

Cannabis suppositories give a whole-body soothing sensation, some call it a body-buzz, but no one really expects it until they try one. Once you do, we don’t blame you if suppositories become your next favorite consumption method!

Why Consider Suppositories?

Suppositories offer a favorable and practical option for patients facing specific challenges. Let’s explore the scenarios where suppositories shine:

  1. Chemotherapy Patients: Those undergoing chemotherapy often battle severe nausea. Suppositories provide relief when oral ingestion is not feasible due to nausea.
  2. Elderly Individuals: For seniors who struggle with swallowing pills or are non-smokers, suppositories present an accessible alternative.
  3. Post-Surgery Patients: Individuals recovering from surgery may find suppositories beneficial. Since they cannot ingest anything before or after the procedure, suppositories offer a reliable route for medication delivery.
  4. Difficult to Target Areas: Suppositories are often used to target sites that are otherwise difficult to access (i.e, for women experiencing vaginal discomfort or cramping during menstruation, suppositories offer a method of directly targeting inflamed areas with soothing & pain relieving cannabis oil). The same can be said for rectal disease or discomfort, suppositories allow us to directly treat these otherwise hidden areas.

Predictable Effects: The impact of suppositories can be very predictable, effective and consistent. Here’s a perspective of different cannabis uses:

  • Inhalation: Inhaling cannabis yields approximately 10-25% efficiency, contingent on smoking frequency and quantity.
  • Oral Consumption: Eating cannabis is around 20% efficient, with varying effect durations.
  • Rectal / Vaginal: Approximately 50% to 70% efficient with consistency.

When using suppositories rectally:

  • Onset: It takes approximately 15-20 minutes to experience effects.
  • Duration: The effects persist for four to eight hours.

Remember that individual responses may differ, and the choice of administration depends on the specific circumstances and the desired outcome. Suppositories offer a valuable option for targeted cannabis delivery in many ways.

The Enhanced Effectiveness of Suppositories

Our suppositories are made with a blend of Cocoa butter and Full Spectrum THC & CBD Oils, which stand out as a more potent alternative to conventional administration methods. Let’s delve into why suppositories excel:

  1. Swift Absorption: When a suppository is inserted into the anus or vagina, its medicinal compounds are rapidly absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the intestinal wall. This process ensures superior bioavailability compared to other routes of administration.
  2. Bioavailability: Although suppositories boast high bioavailability, they offer fewer psychoactive effects than their oral counterparts. Rather than inducing a mental high, they provide a soothing body sensation, making them particularly beneficial for sleep, relaxation, and rest.

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